So you want a website?!


This page highlights a few things to think about if you want to get a website, or have one developed for you:

Doing it yourself?
Domain names
Hiring a webdesigner
Orishi-Rishi Webdesign

Do it yourself?
It is getting easier and easier to create your own website, even if you have little or no technical knowledge.
Why do it yourself?
If you make up your mind to create your own website, then it might take some puzzling out at first. However, once the site is created then you will have complete ownership of it. You will feel more confident to make necessary changes.  You might even then feel empowered to go ahead and create further websites!  If you then go on to hire a designer, you will have a greater understanding of the process and how to ask for what you want. We at Orishi-Rishi Webdesign would always recommend that people should try to create their own websites if at all possible.

To start off with creating your own website, we would recommend that you do some initial research:  have a look into similar websites that do what you want to do.  What do you like, or not like?  What colour schemes do you find attractive?  Which websites would encourage you to buy their products, or subscribe to their services?

If you want a very simple site, we here at Orishi-Rishi Webdesign would recommend using this free platform,  If you would prefer anything more sophisticated, then we would recommend purchasing some webhosting, then installing which is free.
Another simple, free tool to use is Joomla, which also requires webhosting.

Tools to avoid: almost everything else!
The reason that we would recommend WordPress is because there are thousands of developers who work on wordpress ( to create extra functionality (through installable plugins) and to check the code. Many other platforms simply do not have the same number of developers as WordPress meaning that their offerings will not be as robust as WordPress. Additionally, many WordPress developers offer their plugins for free.  This will not be the case with other platforms.
Many other platforms operate on a “freemium” basis.  This means that the initial, basic website may be free. However, if you want to add even simple features like webforms, then these are charged at a premium. With these platforms the combined cost of all the necessary additional features can rise very quickly.

Furthermore, the systems that these other platforms use are often not very intuitive, and can be very complicated to understand – even for actual webdesigners!

Webhosting means when you buy a contract with a company where you want your website to be based.  If your website is a car, then the webhosting is the garage where your car is parked.
There are many webhosting companies available, and like all products they vary in quality. It might take some research to find a good, reliable webhosting service.

Things to look out for in a webhost: uptime guarantees and response time
Uptime refers to the percentage of time that your website will be guaranteed to be “up” and available to visitors online.  The greater the uptime, the better. Most good webhosts will offer an uptime guarantee of 99% or higher.
Response time simply means how long the webhosts take to get back to you if you have a query.  Here the shorter the time, the better.  If it was to unfortunately happen that your website was to be hacked, then obviously you would prefer a webhost that would respond to your query as quickly as possible!
We at Orishi-Rishi Webdesign are very happy to recommend our webhosts who we have been with for many years:  Webnet 77.
They have a great uptime guarantee, and very fast and friendly customer service.
Alternatively we at Orishi-Rishi Webdesign are happy to offer webhosting as part of the webdesign package.

Domain name:
A domain name is the easy, humanly readable web address for your website.  For instance, “” is the domain name for the Facebook website, and “” is the domain name for the Google website.
Domain names are typically available for approximately $10 USD per year.  (Many prices relating to websites/webdesign are offered in US dollars).  To secure a domain name, however, it must be available; only one website can use a particular domain name at any one time.  This is bad news for anyone who wants to name their new companies “Facebook” or “Google”, as these domain names (, are definitely not available!
To check if a particular domain name is available, then you simply type in the desired domain name into a “whois” website (literally who is…?), like this:

Hiring a webdesigner
Hiring a webdesigner is a step that should be given careful consideration.
As well as differing widely in price, webdesigners will differ in experience, quality, response rate, customer service offered, areas of specialism and types of organisation that they will work with.
It is often a good idea to ask for recommendations from people who have had websites created that you find attractive.
Additionally, working with a webdesigner often requires a close working relationship, so it is often a good idea to hire someone who you are already familiar and comfortable with.

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